The following is taken from the American Liberty Partnership Web site at, an Internet industry initiative to bring online support to those organizations that most need our help—organizations that have been sustaining incredible burdens in order to serve the victims and their families. On this site, you will find opportunities to support these organizations, as well as general information about how the relief effort is evolving, and what needs are next on the horizon.

According to the Web site, since September 11, the extraordinary and tireless work of thousands of rescue workers, law enforcement agents, and military personnel in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington has been supported by the quiet heroism of tens of millions of other people across America.

When the call rang out for blood donations, thousands lined up to give. When clothing, medical goods, and other supplies ran low, our friends and neighbors filled trucks with more. And in a time of urgent need, millions of people like you have contributed your time, prayers, and money to our country's desperately overwhelmed rescue and philanthropic organizations.

But the need for help continues to grow. As the rubble is slowly cleared, the rebuilding process for the survivors and their communities is only just beginning. From medical and rehabilitation needs to psychological assistance and financial support for the families of the victims, the burdens on charitable organizations will be staggering.

You can help.

The American Liberty Partnership is an Internet industry initiative that is using the online medium to connect people who want to help with the organizations that need it the most. On our web site, you will find opportunities to support these organizations, as well as general information about how the relief effort is progressing and what needs are next on the horizon.

The Internet has played a strong role already in supporting the relief effort.

Some of the online crisis relief sites where Americans have donated directly to the charity of their choice, with no fees or costs, include:

In the first week alone, estimates are that more than $57 million was raised through online contributions at these web sites to support charities involved in the relief efforts, much of it in small donations of $30-50 each. But much more will be needed in the days and weeks ahead.

The online medium has played an important role in other ways as well -- connecting friends and family members by e-mail and instant message who couldn't reach one another by phone, providing real-time information about the disaster and its aftermath, and bringing a global community together to talk, share and grieve.

The partners in the American Liberty Partnership believe that the online medium can continue to be a powerful tool to help rebuild our shattered communities and our shaken confidence. Working together, our goal is to provide convenient access to the best information and resources and to connect people with the philanthropic organizations most in need of our help.

In the darkest of times, the worst of crisis, and the deepest of need, the spirit of America shines the brightest. Thank you for your continued help for the countless victims of this American tragedy.



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