On the recovery front, ABC member-firm Hensel-Phelps Construction Co., Chantilly, Va., has been awarded the contract to rebuild the portion of the Pentagon damaged by the terrorist attack. The work, which will include renovations of some four million square feet of building space over 11 years, could be valued at $758 million.

"Hensel-Phelps was one of the contractors on the scene when the plane hit the Pentagon last week and helped in the evacuation of the facility. It is now a time for rebuilding and healing. We're delighted that ABC member-firm Hensel-Phelps has been awarded the contract to rebuild this important symbol of American strength," said Pickerel.

For more information on ABC’s response to this national tragedy, visit: www.abc.org.

Photo courtesy of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Washington, D.C.