Electricsmarts.com, Glastonbury, Conn., an electrical industry information site, and the American Rental Association, Moline, Ill., recently created a way for contractors to locate and rent equipment through the more than 7200 Association member stores in the United States and Canada.

The service is available at www.electricsmarts.com. From the site, contractors can select equipment categories from a pull-down menu, then enter their zip code or city and state. The site returns a list of stores that rent the equipment in question. The list includes the names of each store and the estimated mileage from the center of the city to the store. By clicking on a store name, contractors can view the address of the store, its phone and fax numbers, and its Web address. Clicking on a button displays directions to the store.

“We are excited about this new partnership and are pleased to provide a quick and easy way for contractors to rent equipment,” says Keith Peck, president of Electricsmarts.com.