When the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Manchester, N.H., set out to achieve some of its quality goals, it formed an alliance with a local wholesale electrical distributor that is anything but traditional. This strategic alliance with Graybar Electric Co., Inc. focuses on continuous quality improvement.

In fact, the electrical and telecommunications equipment wholesale distributor has stayed open 24 hours a day when necessary, explained Jack Kolvick, manager of the Manchester branch. “The hardest test we ever had was this January’s ice storms,” he said. “We were receiving items at 1 a.m.” Due to this commitment to service, co-op officials said customers had their power restored faster.

In an effort to reduce the co-op’s inventory, instead of relying on the distributor for quick turnaround when parts are needed, Graybar came up with Just-in-Time delivery. To achieve this goal, technology is essential. Co-op computers are linked to the distributor for ordering so it can instantly track supplies anywhere nationwide.

“We want them to do well, and they want us to do well,” said Kolvick. “It’s a true partnership. We really have nothing to hide from each other.”