'Twas the night before deadline, when all across my desk, sat piles of economic predictions, which had me frozen statuesque.

The folders were worn, from a constant mixing, because they somehow always seemed to need fixing.

Contractors were tossing and turning in their beds, With visions of cancelled projects stuck in their heads. So EC&M staffers and I sat in my cubicle, Struggling with a forecast of a market so fickle.

When outside the building there arose such chatter, I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter. Away to the window I crept like a cat, To tamper with the blinds and peer through the slats.

A light on the street pole made visible a group, of many men and women who looked like a troop. When I screwed open the crank to hear what they were yelling, I learned it was economists, toasting each other and bellowing:

“Go, Sullivan! Go, Giggard! Go, Simonson and Mueller! On, Baker! On, Wyss! On, Seiders and Murray! Here’s to office! To commercial! To manufacturing! To education! All rise again! Rise again! And become a contractor’s salvation!”

And then, in an instant, it popped in my brain, The prediction, so many, had searched for in vain. As I cradled my keyboard, and reached for my mouse, A sense of calm overcame me, there was peace in my house.

I spoke not a word, but worked through the night, And filled all the columns, from the left to the right. As the sun started to peak, just above the horizon, I couldn’t help feel as if I looked a little more wizened.

So the time had finally come, to share my great vision, With engineers and contractors, across many company divisions. With a wink of my eye, and a cock of my head, I told them not to worry, they had nothing to dread.

Most markets looked strong, especially non-residential, For now was time, this segment delivered to its potential. But before retiring to my office, I left them with a cheer, “Healthy Bottom Lines to All, and to All a Good Year!”