More than 2,400MW of new generating equipment was installed in 22 states in 2005, according to the Washington, D.C.-based American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), boosting the cumulative U.S. installed wind power total by more than 35%. This brings the total up to 9,149MW of generating capacity — enough to serve 2.3 million homes.

California topped the list of states with the most wind energy installed by capacity. According to AWEA, California has been in this position since electricity-generating wind turbines were first installed there in 1981. However, Texas made some major strides in the past year, putting it in a position to possibly overtake the Golden State by the end of the year.

Though Wyoming was ranked number five at the end of 2004, it was overtaken in 2005 by Oklahoma, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon. Meanwhile, Iowa, Minnesota, and Kansas all maintained their 2004 rankings.

But just because a state has a large amount of installed wind energy doesn't necessarily mean it has the most wind energy resources. North Dakota — not even listed among the top 10 states for installed wind energy — is believed to have the most wind energy resource in the nation, followed by Texas, Kansas, South Dakota, and Montana, according to AWEA.

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