In our previous issue, we said that for your most critical equipment, you should make a list of the 10 most likely failure modes. And by “critical,” we mean “revenue-intensive,” as determined by the operations managers. So, what should you do with this list? Starting with the most critical piece of equipment and working your way down from there, do the following:

  • Provide a concise troubleshooting guide that will allow any tech to determine which of the 10 failure modes is the problem.
  • Provide all manuals, instructions, and drawings for affecting the repair. Put these items into a kit, and store it at the equipment in a durable box designated for that purpose.
  • Provide all test equipment and tools needed for repairing this specific equipment. Is this a needless expense? Answer that question by comparing the expenditure to the revenue loss incurred when a tech has to gather all of these things while the equipment is idle.
There's more you need to do with this list, as you'll see in our next issue.