Maintenance and repair on manufacturing equipment may involve working with chemicals, especially solvents. Electricians might go a long time between training and working with these chemicals.

In many facilities, today's environment is an odd combination of a skilled worker shortage and staff cutbacks. The result is a multi-craft environment. An electrician may be taking on many non-electrical tasks, without the craft training required for safely performing those tasks.

Here are some tips to help you with tasks that involve chemicals:

  • Use approved safety storage cans for solvents.
  • Don't recycle/repurpose soft drink cans or other containers for use with solvents.
  • Don't store oxidants (e.g., the chlorine used for water treatment) and corrosives (e.g., an acid-containing battery) in the same area.
  • An open door doesn't mean a room is safely ventilated. Flammable vapors that are lighter than air can accumulate in ceiling spaces; if heavier than air, they'll accumulate in depressions in the floor.