In our previous issue, we provided tips to help you safely perform tasks that involve chemicals. Here are a few more to take note of:

  • Always read the MSDS before using opening a new supply or container of a chemical, even if you’ve used that chemical before. The MSDS may have been updated to provide new safety information based on changes to the chemical, changes to the container, or new user data since the last MSDS was produced.
  • If the MSDS has an inhalation warning, check for adequate ventilation before commencing work. An open door isn’t necessarily adequate. You may need fans to establish a minimum required airflow.
  • The MSDS may require or recommend specific PPE. Note that this doesn’t mean “if readily available.”
  • Where the MSDS provides ventilation and PPE requirements, these are meant to work in conjunction. The recommended PPE is inadequate if you don’t also meet the ventilation requirements.