Here are some rules about chemical containers you should be aware of and follow:

  • Don't write on container labels, and don't remove them.
  • Label any container you use before pouring the chemical in it.
  • You can use a smaller "work container" rather than the big can of solvent or whatever it is you’re using. However, use a proper container, not a cut-off soda or coffee can.
  • If something's in an unmarked container, don't use it. If the label isn't clear, treat the container as unmarked. Report such containers to your supervisor.
  • For some substances, you can return the unused material to the original container. For other substances, you can’t. Know the answer to the return/dispose question for every material you're using.
  • Properly stow (dispose of or return) materials when you no longer need them for the day (end of shift or end of task, whichever is first).
  • Don't mix substances or chemicals, unless your work procedure calls for it. Mixing the wrong chemicals can prove fatal.