Motors can use up to several times their purchase price in energy every year. In fact, motors can account for up to 45% of the electricity costs of a commercial building and up to 75% of the same costs for an industrial facility. However, many decision-makers are often unaware or not convinced that the higher initial cost of premium-efficiency motors can save them thousands of dollars in the long run. To help customers see the potential savings they will enjoy by purchasing a more energy-efficient motor, Electro-Test Inc. (ETI), Danville, Calif., recently unveiled its "Right Sizing Motor Program."

Initially, ETI provides customers with a complete energy audit of their facility, including a comprehensive analysis of energy use—plus specific recommendations on energy-saving measures that can significantly lower costs.

Energy auditors not only recommend energy-efficient motors and equipment, but also help customers qualify for low-cost financing and rebates (if available). By identifying and accurately measuring motor energy consumption, they can make precise forecasts as to the overall yearly energy savings by right sizing of motors.

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