A new report from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) reveals that 95% of people in Southern California say they would prefer to charge their electric vehicle at home.

The survey, conducted in conjunction with Southern California Edison, found that 62% of respondents have a 3-prong, 120V outlet that fulfils the basic requirement for home charging: located close to the vehicle, typically in a garage, carport, or driveway. For 240V charging, approximately 83% report having 240V service in their residence but may require an additional outlet closer to the vehicle.

Public fast-charging availability (i.e., a 10 to 15 min charge facility) may have a strong influence on PHEV adoption, as two in five hybrid owners and one in three non-hybrid owners say the capability will “definitely” influence their buying decision. About 75% said they would pay a 33% premium (over the slower, at-home rate) to fast charge. However, that percentage drops to 30% if the relative cost of fast charging is double that of slow charging.

The survey provides insight into four key areas of consumer sentiment:

  • At-home and public charging expectations;
  • Equipping residences for vehicle charging;
  • When, where, and from whom customers expect to get information about electric vehicle ownership; and
  • How these factors influence the likelihood of the purchase of an electric-drive vehicle in the next five years.

Download a copy of the report.

Source: The Power Research Institute