Tis the season for rebates, but tax rebates aren't the only incentives for implementing energy-efficient products. In its February issue, Electrical Wholesaling magazine published a list of more than 50 rebate programs available through electric utilities, government agencies, and public utility commissions. These programs vary greatly from place to place and are subject to constant change, but keeping abreast of the offerings near you could provide major savings in the near future.

For example, Pacific Gas & Electric in San Francisco is described as offering one of the most robust rebate programs, including products such as screw-in CFLs, T5 or T8 lamps with electronic ballasts, HID fixtures and pulse-start metal-halide lamps, occupancy sensors, photocells, time clocks, LED exit signs, motors, and variable-frequency drives. Tampa Electric in Tampa, Fla., takes a different approach — it pays customers 10 cents per Watt reduction to replace current lighting with more energy-efficient fluorescent lighting systems. In Dallas, incentives from TXU Electric Delivery are based on amount of energy savings as opposed to the types of devices installed.

To find a rebate program near you, view the complete list at www.ewweb.com/mag/electric_rebate_resource_2.