Three employees work full time in what was until recently surplus storage space in a factory.

A three-man team is working to fulfill a public pledge by Southwire Chairman and CEO Roy Richards Jr. to demonstrate the potential of superconducting power cables by hooking up two factories, a research center, and the company’s headquarters in Carrollton to three 100-ft cables. The team must figure out how to connect the superconducting cables, which will be chilled to 1321°F, to normal-temperature power lines at either end. More challenges lie ahead, such as protecting the cables against lightning and contraction. The company already spent $2 million on the project and will spend another $7 million to $12 million getting through the test stage—however, the investment could pay off in the billions of dollars. Superconductors are clearly the future of transmission cable. Company officials said the new cables will be most in demand in replacing overburdened cables in urban areas, where replacing existing lines is much more feasible than finding space for additional ones. For more information call 800-444-1700, or email