Swimming Pools, Spas, and Fountains — Article 680

Choose the best answer:

1. Which of the following pools qualify as a storable pool? Assume the skimmer intake is 6 in. below the top.

  1. 18 ft wide, 3½ ft high

  2. 18 ft wide, 4 ft high

  3. 20 ft wide, 4 ft high

  4. two of the above

  5. all of the above

2. Assume an outdoor spa has a ¾ hp circulating motor and its controller located in the basement of the adjoining house. The control buttons (in a Class 2 control circuit) are on the spa. Where must you locate a disconnecting means for that motor?

  1. The basement (in sight)

  2. Within sight of the spa

  3. Both locations

  4. Neither location

3. Upon opening the box containing a swimming pool pump motor for an aboveground pool, a 6-ft length of 16-3 SJT cord with a molded straight-blade cord cap and a Type NM cable connector (also rated for that size cord) falls out of the box. Since the pool is above ground, the owner wants to tuck the filter as close as possible to the pool. What, if anything, is wrong with the cord and connector?

  1. Nothing

  2. Too long

  3. Too small

  4. Unsuited for location

  5. Wrong configuration

  6. Two of the above

  7. Three of the above

  8. Four of the above

4. Which of the following items need to be grounded if located within 5 ft of a pool or part of its recirculation system?

  1. A double-insulated motor

  2. A metal fence

  3. A metal forming shell

  4. Two of the above

  5. All of the above

5. Which of the following arrangements must be used for an underwater junction box in a fountain? Assume the box’s threaded hubs have no mounting lugs or feet.

  1. Two (or more) brass or stainless conduit supports

  2. Potted

  3. Neither of the above

  4. Both of the above

6. How far from a spa must the light switch be for the room lighting? Assume the switch is a standard snap switch in a flush nonmetallic box.

  1. Not specified

  2. 5 ft

  3. 10 ft

  4. Behind a barrier

Answers and Discussion

1. e, Sec. 680-4. Storable pools have been redefined without the former 18-ft maximum horizontal dimension. In addition, instead of referring to a 42-in. maximum height, the Code now refers to a maximum water depth of 42 in., allowing a little more height. All of the responses qualify.

2. c, Sec. 422-27; Sec. 680-12. The disconnect in the basement applies to the motor-driven appliance regardless of any special rules in Art. 680, since there isn’t any provision in those rules to amend the provisions of Chapter 4. The new Sec. 680-12, however, adds an additional disconnecting means within sight of the spa, but at least 5 ft away. Note that the literal text doesn’t actually say that the disconnect needs to be provided, but it is implied and the language is being corrected for the 1999 NEC.

3. g, Sec. 680-7; 680-6(a)(1) Ex.; 110-11. The nonmetallic sheathed cable connector would not be likely to meet the requirements for wet locations. In addition, with the receptacle set as close as possible (5 ft min.) to the pool in order to meet the design constraints, you’d need a locking configuration. Finally, the cord flunks both the length (3 ft max.) and size (No. 12 EGC min.) constraints in Sec. 680-7.

4., d, Sec. 680-24. The forming shell must be grounded, both by this section and also by Sec. 680-20(b)(1). The DI pump motor, as described in Sec. 680-22(a) Ex. 4, has an equipment grounding conductor to ground internal parts of the motor, similar to storable pool motors covered in Sec. 680-30. The fence, although not required to be grounded, would be bonded as covered in Sec. 680-22(a)(6). On pools with DI pump motors and no underwater light fixtures, the bonding grid may no longer be grounded.

5., d, Sec. 680-52(b); 370-23(d). A single conduit can’t be used to support a box by itself; two or more need to be used. In addition, the box must be potted to exclude moisture. Although heavy wall brass pipe in standard IPS sizes is still made, none of it at this time is still being listed. Since Sec. 346-1 implies that all rigid metal conduit needs to be listed, this type of installation may need some discussion with the AJH.

6., b, Sec. 680-62(b)(5). Since this type of switch would be very difficult to bond, especially with the required No. 8 conductor under Sec. 680-62(c)(4), the better answer would be to try to be sure the tub was set at least 5 ft away from the switch.