Good project management is quite a challenge in any industry. But in the electrical arena, it takes more than just hard work and organization. To consistently succeed, effective project managers must wear almost every hat there is. In fact, many times they are expected to make miracles happen: juggling multiple projects; managing personnel; providing necessary equipment and tools for the job; interacting with the owner, architect, engineer, and general contractor; handling change orders; tracking job progress; and often meeting a nearly impossible deadline. Along these same lines, don’t miss this month’s cover story, “Project Management: Fertile Ground For Growing Profits” (on page 28), written by our own Editor-in-Chief John DeDad, from firsthand knowledge in the field. As a former manager of Application Engineering at G.E. Wire & Cable for seven years and Project Manager/Superintendent at L.K. Comstock Co. in New York City for six years, John draws from experience and brings you real-world practical tips and strategies to help save time and money on any contracting project. He also makes projects more manageable by breaking down this complex topic into easy-to-understand sections with numerous examples and sample job checklists, evaluations, and closeout forms.