There’s no doubt about it: EC&M is in the training arena. Providing accurate technical and hands-on information has always been our main objective. But I’m not just talking about the printed word. Our editors actively provide training to the electrical industry. As you’re reading this, our Senior Editor Fred Hartwell is totally absorbed in putting together material for our 1999 Code Change Conferences as well as writing the upcoming series of articles on changes in the 1999 NEC. Editor-in-Chief John DeDad continues to give on-site training sessions on high potential testing of MV power cables, cable pulling techniques, harmonics and power quality, and project management.

So you see, we’re in the business of providing technical training as well as publishing a technical magazine. We take both very seriously, making sure all your needs are met. Many of you tell us you cut out our articles and save them by topic for ready reference in your work or for in-house training. We’d like to point this out to our advertisers, emphasizing the recognition and importance you place on our editorial.

For practical tips on how to establish your own effective training program, take a look at the cover story, written by Technical Editor Mark Lamendola, on page 28.