If you’re looking for standards to help you write purchase specifications or test electrical equipment, you won’t have to look very far in our indus-try. In fact, with so many organizations developing engineering standards and specifications, you’ll inevitably find more information than you need. That’s where EC&M comes in: To help you sort through this information overload. Our team of technical editors doesn’t just report on these issues in their articles—they take an active part in the actual standards-making process. For example, Senior Editor Fred Hartwell is a member of NEC Code Making Panel 9, which is responsible for NEC Articles 370, 373, 380, and 384; Senior Editorial Consultant Bob Lawrie is a member of NFPA 70B Committee on Electrical Equipment Maintenance, serving on its Power Quality Subcommittee; and Senior Editor Bob Morgan is a member of IEEE Working Group P1346, which is writing a new standard: the Yellow Book. Such active participation in the electrical construction industry sets EC&M apart from its competitors. Since our editors understand the thinking behind the changes and revisions in each code and standard cycle, they can provide you with an inside perspective. For more detailed information, contact any of our editors directly. We always want to hear from you!