Here at EC&M, we know how dramatically changes in the National Electrical Code impact everyone in the electrical industry from end-users to manufacturers alike. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being “very important”), our readers rate the NEC an average of 4.6 in terms of importance to their work. To meet this overwhelming demand for Code information, we pride ourselves in leading the industry in authoritative independent coverage of the NEC—from ongoing extensive monthly coverage in the magazine with Quizzes on the Code, Code Basics and features to supplemental coverage in EC&M Books, videos, and Code Conferences. In this issue alone, more than 102,000 subscribers will turn to the cover story (starting on page 30) for their first look at the major changes in the 1999 Code. The first of an exclusive four-part series, this article is written by our own Code expert and Senior Editor Fred Hartwell.

In addition to the magazine’s Code coverage, EC&M Books is offering a new Engineer’s Edition and Electrician’s Edition of the Illustrated Changes in the 1999 National Electrical Code. Available in October, these books offer analyses of all the major changes made in the 1999 Code cycle and explain how each applies to the rule. To order, call (800) 543-7771.