PLC relay

This 10A, high-current terminal block relay with larger contacts can be used to extend service intervals up to two to three times the standard 6-mm terminal block relay, according to the company. Featuring a plug-in, SPDT relay, inrush loads as high as 30A are easily started. Additional product features include a plug-in bridging system and the ability to connect to 6-mm and other 14-mm PLC relays.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 300

Lighting controller

The Square D Clipsal Pascal automation controller provides expansive scheduling capability and facilitates operation of third-party products from input devices such as keypads and touch screens, according to the company. Measuring 2.8 in. × 2.5 in. × 3.6 in., the controller features two RS232 ports and a USB port for local configuration. In addition, the product features a real-time astronomical and system clock with 24-hr internal capacitor backup.
Schneider Electric
Circle 302

Timers and sensors

This line of sensors and timers is designed to reduce lighting energy consumption in various types of rooms. Residential options include vacancy sensors, occupancy sensors, and 3-way circuits. Commercial ceiling- and wall-mount sensors include passive infrared and ultrasonic versions with adjustable time delay and up to 2,200 sq ft of coverage on some models. Timers include digital versions with LED indication, preset push buttons, and audible alarm or flash warnings before the lights go out. Toggle and mechanical versions include time settings that vary by model.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 301

Temperature controller

Solo single-loop, dual-output temperature controllers simultaneously control heating and cooling. Control modes include PID, on/off, ramp/soak, and manual. Depending on the controller model, available outputs include relay, voltage pulse, current, and linear voltage. Up to three alarm outputs are available, and users can select from 17 alarm types in the initial setting mode. In addition, the controller can accept various types of thermocouple, RTD, or analog inputs.
Circle 303