Focus on Instruments and Test Equipment

Industrial digital multimeter
The DM-860-C is a general-purpose, 500,000-count digital multimeter that offers a measurement range of up to 1,000VAC and 1,000VDC, up to 10A AC and DC, and up to 1,832°F. It's especially designed for in-plant and MRO applications.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 302

Power quality analyzer

The 43B power quality analyzer displays voltage and current waveforms, calculates power parameters, and captures voltage sags, transients, and inrush current. It can measure 3-phase power in balanced systems using a set of voltage probes and a current clamp.
Circle 301

EMF detector

The EMF-200A hand-held EMF detector features high-resolution measurement and is designed to measure field radiation at different bandwidths. The LCD reads 0.1 mG to 199.9 mG over an ELF range of 30 Hz to 400 Hz.
A.W. Sperry
Circle 306

Six-phase power analyzer

The WT1600 6-phase power analyzer offers up to six input elements, Ethernet capability, and 12 MB of internal memory. It also features a 2.1 GB hard drive, SCSI interface, floppy disk drive, and 6.4-in. TFT color LCD with VGA monitor output.
Circle 305

Overhead line and meter base recorders

The Ramcorder product line includes the OH1600, which installs on overhead distribution lines and records current and temperature measurements. The RCMB model installs at the meter socket and records current and voltage measurements.
HD Electric
Circle 303

Cat. 7 cable testers

These cable testers are designed to certify cabling systems for high-bandwidth networks. This month, the company plans to unveil the testers — which will include a Cat. 7 LAN tester — along with accessories and upgrade packages.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 300

Location system accessory for Palm devices

The Handheld Dataviewer (HDV) enables users to view target position, depth, and electronic confirmation data on a Palm V device. The HDV can receive data from the company's other products via a wireless link, reducing the need to carry a PDL-4 receiver.
Circle 304