Power supplies

Quint G2 power supplies provide universal 12V, 24V, or 48V of power with output currents of 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, and 40A, and they can accommodate input voltage ranges for AC and DC. Output currents are available with a regulated and adjustable output voltage of 22.5V to 28.5VDC. They're DIN-rail mountable, fully enclosed, and have integral function monitoring via dual-alarm outputs with LED indication. An isolated relay contact and an active transistor switching output provide preventive function monitoring.
Phoenix Contact
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Energy storage systems

The CleanSource DC line of battery-free energy storage systems now includes expanded power levels of 100kW, 140kW, 200kW, 250kW, 425kW, and 500kW, which can be paralleled in combinations as high as 2,000kW. The storage systems accept an input float range from 400VDC to 600VDC to supply a charging current of 15A to 100A per flywheel. A user-adjustable output voltage can be set from 360VDC to 550VDC with a ±1% steady state voltage regulation. The systems are designed to operate in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C.
Active Power
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PowerCommand lean-burn 60-Hz 1,400kW and 50-Hz 1,160kW natural gas gen-sets are designed for on-site power applications like peaking, distributed generation, and combined heat and power. They're powered by a 60-L, 16-cylinder QSK60G series natural gas engine that operates at either 1,500 rpm (50 Hz) or 1,800 rpm (60 Hz). The gen-sets are available with nitrogen oxide emission levels as low as 0.7 g/bhp/hr.
Cummins Power Generation
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Energy systems

These low-emission, on-site energy systems are best suited to provide base load power in either grid-parallel or grid-independent applications. The systems are powered by natural gas and use cooled exhaust gas recirculation engine technology. They combine heat and power with electrical outputs of 202kW to 350kW.
DTE Energy
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Switched mode power supplies

The Bulletin 1606 line of general-purpose switched-mode power supplies accepts a range of AC and DC input voltages and provides redundancy for 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 20A, and 40A applications. The two families, the 1606-XL and 1606-XLP, feature start-up and overload response capabilities and a power boost for additional power reserves of as high as 15% without any reduction in output voltage. All units are DIN-rail mounted and feature spring-clamp terminations.
Rockwell Automation
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