Fire control communicator

Equipped with six fully supervised inputs, the model 5104 six-zone fire control communicator provides reporting over an ordinary telephone line. The communicator can be used as a stand-alone unit to monitor sprinkler systems for waterflow, supervisory, and gate valve tamper conditions or incorporated into an existing system as a Slave DACT. It has one Class A (style D) input and five Class B (style A) inputs and offers fuseless overload protection with automatic reset circuitry and fault indicators. The communicator also has a dual phone line interface that automatically self-tests every 24 hours and sends a report to the central station.
Silent Knight
Circle 301

Strobes and horns/strobes

The SpectrAlert series selectable output wall-mount strobes and horns/strobes feature a voltage-booster design with a more consistent flash bulb voltage. Available in 2-wire or 4-wire configurations, they can operate on either 12V or 24V with no setting required.
System Sensor
Circle 300

Digital dimming system

The ezDALI digital dimming and scene control system uses an open-protocol to provide two-way, individual ballast-level dimming. The system comprises wall-based controllers, a power supply, DALI ballasts, and a communications databus to provide as low as 1% dimming for linear fluorescents and 3% dimming for compact fluorescents. Push-button programming allows users to set up and reconfigure the system without rewiring.
The Watt Stopper
Circle 302

Perimeter security fence

Using fiber optic sensing cable and tripping devices called “mouse trips,” the Fiber Fence 50 kit monitors as much as 1,000 ft of fence line. The trips detect intrusion attempts anywhere along the perimeter, and the system's control unit provides an instant alert when an intruder disturbs the attached cable or fence. The kit includes a rack-mountable or desktop control unit, 1,000 ft of sensing cable, 15 mouse trips, 300 tie wraps, relay outputs for optional remote monitoring, and installation instructions.
Fiber Instrument Sales
Circle 303

Digital time switch

Available in three models, E100P series single-channel digital time switches are housed in a nonmetallic indoor enclosure that deters rust. The E101P has SPST contacts, the E103P is designed for DPST switching, and the E120P is for SPDT switches. The switches feature an LCD, a power outage battery backup, and 30A contacts.
Circle 304

Audio command center

Designed for the small building market, the FireVoice 25/50 single- or dual-channel emergency voice evacuation control panel can create five custom messages for fire, tornado, evacuation, haz-mat, and non-fire situations. It's suitable as a stand-alone or as an adjunct to most UL-Listed addressable or conventional fire alarm control panels and has full supervision in both the active and standby conditions.
Circle 307

Fire alarm control panel

Manufactured with surface-mount technology, the MS-9600 V2 features fire protection technology like maintenance alert, automatic detector test, and sensitivity printout. The panel has an optional digital alarm communicator transmitter, 14.4kbps modem, two additional notification appliance circuits, and a second loop via a signaling line circuit that can support an additional 318 addressable devices.
Fire-Lite Alarms
Circle 306

Camera housing

Available in single and multimode models, the FiberDome camera housing includes an integrated fiber optics module that converts an analog video signal into 8-bit digital video and transmits RS-485/RS-422 data across a single fiber optic connection. The housing can be used with an existing fiber optic network, and it features the SMARTS system, which helps to diagnose connection problems.
GE Infrastructure
Circle 308