Digital multimeters

The 310 series of digital multimeters measures AC-DC voltage, resistance, continuity, and temperature. Suitable for general troubleshooting, these shirt-pocket sized testers deliver in-and-out readings viewable with large numbers on a backlit LCD. All models also feature a CAT II-600V safety rating, overload protection on all ranges, diode testing, audible continuity, and data hold. According to the company, an ergonomically designed, slip-resistant, textured boot helps protect the multimeters from drops.
Ideal Industries
Circle 300

Laser range meters

PD 40 and PD 42 laser range meters offer accuracy of ± 1/25 in. and can measure distances from 2 in. up to 650 ft. Working from a single location, the meters allow one person to take measurements. Available with an optional extension stick, they can add and subtract distances as well as areas and volumes. The PD 42 stores the last 30 distance measurements or the last five function results. It also features area (square footage), volume (cubic feet), minimum/maximum, a timer function, and Pythagorean functions, as well as a vertical and horizontal bubble level and a side-measuring key.
Circle 301

Insulation testers

This family of 5kV and 10kV insulation testers is comprised of four models. The S1-552 base model features pre-programmed test voltages of 250V, 500V, 1,000V, 2,500V, and 5,000V, and measures to 15 TW on the digital scale. In addition, it can step up the voltage in 10V increments from 50V to 1,000V and in 25V increments beyond 1,000V. Other features include automatic polarization index, step voltage, dielectric discharge, and dielectric absorption ratio tests, 32k data storage, and RS232 or USB downloading. The S1-554 model offers the capability and features of the S1-552, plus noise and interference rejection extended to 4mA. The S1-1052 model also includes the capability of the S1-552 as well as a 10,000V range and the ability to measure to 35 TW on the digital scale. The S1-1054 combines the capability of the S1-1052 plus 4mA high noise immunity.
Circle 302

Open jaw clamp meter

The CSJ-100 open jaw clamp meter carries a CAT IV 600V and Cat III 1,000V rating and has a measuring capability up to 200A AC. Featuring an ergonomic body design and non-contact voltage detection (EF) function, the product's jaw opening can accommodate conductors up to 0.63-in. in diameter. It also includes detachable test leads, which fit in the back of the tester.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
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Digital multimeters

The HD160C and HD110C heavy-duty digital multimeters (DMM) are constructed of fire-retardant thermoplastic. All sensitive components are shock-mounted to survive drops to hard surfaces from at least 8 ft. In addition, the DMMs are rated CAT IV 1,000V with extended voltage measurement capability of 1,500VDC and 1,000VAC. Both models can withstand transients up to 12kV and include high-voltage test leads with threaded alligator clips, a 9V battery, user manual, and Magne-Grip holster. The HD160C can also measure capacitance, temperature, and frequency and features 10,000 count resolution bar graph capabilities.
Amprobe Test Tools
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HDM metering cabinet

The Square D PowerLogic high-density metering (HDM) cabinet is available in Type 3R outdoor or Type 1 indoor configurations. In addition, the cabinet offers installation keyholes, can be specified for single- and 3-phase power systems, and is available for a wide array of voltage ranges. According to the company, the product's open architecture protocols facilitate integration with existing energy management systems, remote terminal units, or advanced PowerLogic energy management software. When paired with a PowerLogic EGX solution, power system data can be accessed through Ethernet and Web browsers.
Schneider Electric
Circle 305

Electrical testers

The Fluke T+ and T+PRO electrical testers feature three AC-DC voltage detection indicators — light, sound, and vibration. In addition, the testers have a hazardous voltage warning light and are capable of detecting voltage even when the battery is dead. NFPA 70E Article 110.9(A) compliant, both models include GFCI trip capability, built-in flashlights, continuity beepers, and replaceable extra heavy-duty test leads and probes. They also carry a CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1,000V rating.
Circle 306

Multimeter/IR thermometer

The EX470 combination true rms multimeter and IR laser thermometer provides measurements of surface temperatures ranging from -4°F to 520°F. Multimeter features include a 4,000 count display; 0.3% basic DCV accuracy, capacitance and frequency functions; and Type K thermocouple measurements. Rated at CAT III 600V, the multimeter offers high-resolution measurements, including 0.1mV resolution for AC-DC voltage and 0.1µA resolution for AC-DC current. The IR thermometer features an 8-to-1 distance to target ratio with 0.95 fixed emissivity.
Extech Instruments
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