Cable-stripping tool

The Cyclops cable stripper can cut and strip single and multistrand cables to ⅜ in. in diameter. The tool removes the outer sheathing on unshielded or shielded twisted pair cables. Its retractable, spring-loaded knife automatically adjusts to the required stripping depth.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 305

Fiber optic fault-detecting laser

The Visual Fault Locator-300 is a lightweight, hand-held laser light source indicator that can pinpoint faults in fiber optic cables. The indicator emits a red beam of light into the fiber, and detects faults by the glowing or blinking light.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 301


The 7300 series of ladders is Type IAA-rated with a 375-lb load capacity for heavy-duty professional use. The ladders incorporate the EDGE bracing system to decrease rail damage by absorbing and diffusing the energy caused by the rigors of heavy use.
Circle 306

Insulated pliers

These insulated electrician's pliers feature large finger stops that guard fingers from exposed metal tool parts. The injection-molded grips provide uniform insulation thickness and dielectric integrity. Each pair of pliers is tested to withstand 10× the standard 1000AC and 1500DC rating.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 303

Directional drill

The mid-size D24×33 Navigator horizontal directional drilling machine has a rack-and-pinion design with 3300 ft-lb (4474 nm) of torque and 24,000 lb (10,886 kg) of pullback. It also features a stationary stakedown system and carries 10-ft (3-m) sections of Firestick II drill stem.
Vermeer Mfg.
Circle 308

Saw blades

XTEND saw blades extend the battery life of cordless saws by providing 40% more cuts per charge. The scalpel-sharp teeth and a micro-thin kerf reduce drag and resistance. This means cordless saws run longer and operate more efficiently between charges.
Vermont American Tool Co.
Circle 307

High-speed cutters

These high-speed cutters cut clean holes in steel, gasket, fiber, rubber, and plastic. The saw body is made from solid steel that allows for long life, less broken teeth, and a rigid connection between the cutter and the arbor.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 302