Grounding service kit
The Lem GEO Model 15 Grounding Service Kit is a test tool for new ground grid construction, maintenance of an existing ground network, or power-quality audits.
LEM Instruments

Ground rods and accessories
These rugged 304 and 316 stainless-steel ground rods and mig-welded pigtails for galvanized and copper ground rods come in a variety of diameters and lengths. Standard sizes for ground rods - including sectional rods - range from 5/8 in.25 ft to 1 in.210 ft. Pigtail configurations are available in several lengths.
Galvan Industries

Exothermic connections
Ultraweld connections use the high-temperature reaction between powdered copper oxide and aluminum to weld copper to copper or copper to steel. The reaction takes place in a semipermanent graphite mold that can last for 50 or more welds.
Harger Lightning & Grounding

Grounding connectors and jumper tails
Made up of five unique designs, Term-a-Nut grounding products address specific requirements for grounding steel boxes, enclosures, and electrical devices. Design features include heavy-duty, solid-brass terminals, thread-forming ground screws with combo hex heads, and flexible leads on all stranded wire products.
Ideal Industries

Ground bushing lug
The GBL-4DB copper lay-in ground bushing lug provides easy installation of continuous-loop copper grounding conductors. The stainless-steel torque screw will not oxidize or corrode in earth or concrete.

Grounding terminals
The Collector ground terminals offer a central location for ground wires. The Part No. 3433 Collector ground block has one main terminal with a clamp for through conductors up to 4 AWG, and eight connections for conductors up to 10 AWG. The 3434 model has connections for 16 connectors.
Woertz - USA