Technical drawing program

SmartDraw 7 technical edition allows users to make technical diagrams and features thousands of professionally designed symbols and templates. The program performs line hops, live calculation, live dimensioning, improved zoom capability, automatic alignment and formatting, and flexible printing.
Circle 304

CAD program

VersaCAD 2005 is a cross-platform design and drafting program for creating architecture, interior design, facilities planning, plant design, and mechanical design drawings. The program uses Mac-style menus, tool bars, and a graphical interface and includes features like automatic cut-in of door and window symbols into walls, parametric doors and windows, automatic cleanup of multi-line corners and joints, and real-time coordinate dial for keyless entry of distances and coordinates.
Archway Systems
Circle 302

File conversion software

The Bluebeam Conversion Server is an enterprise-wide program that leverages this company's CAD-to-PDF conversion technology. The server gives users automated, high-speed conversion of an unlimited number of files to formats like PDF, DWF, TIF, and JPEG. It has many configuration options, including page size customization, automated bookmarking, textstamping, and watermarking. Users can also set up an unlimited number of watched directories, each with a unique configuration for document control.
Bluebeam Software
Circle 300

Time entry program

Project Clock CE is a project time entry system for PDAs that allows users to bill time by project, task, or client. Reports then summarize the collected time. The program runs on Windows CE-compatible devices and requires ADOCE.
Circle 303

Design and budgeting program

The VIP Design Online is a multi-vendor Web-based design and budgeting tool that allows users to design, configure, and budget structured cabling projects. Users will have access to a centralized repository of more than 8,000 data communications products and their prices as well as 15 interoperable cabling and connectivity product lines. Users can manage multiple projects through the interface and can choose from hundreds of ready-made templates to build material lists.
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