Trim-out set

Designed for the electrician who doesn't need a full range of tools, this six-piece trim-out set includes the bare essentials for daily projects. The 9-in., high-leverage, side-cutting pliers are equipped with a handle that absorbs the shock of cutting through wire, and the 4-in. round shank No. 2 Phillips screwdriver has a “profilated” tip that reduces slippage. The set, which is packaged in a four-pocket tool pouch, also comes with a wire stripper, ¼-in. cabinet-tip screwdriver, and a lightweight utility belt.
Circle 300

Cable prep multi-tool

The stripax plus 2.5 combines three cable preparation functions in one tool. Along with cutting and insulation stripping, the multi-tool crimps wires from 20 AWG to 14 AWG. The crimping zone is set with an adjustable wheel that snaps into place to prevent errors in positioning and protect the tool from damage. It also includes an improved locator, an upgraded blade clamping fixture, and an end-position absorber.
Circle 301

Punchdown tool

The JackRapid punch tool, which was previously compatible with Leviton jacks, now supports the SYSTIMAX/Uniprise cabling system. Users can now terminate and trim all eight wires in a jack at once with one squeeze. As in the previous model, the updated tool also has a built-in blade that cuts off the excess wire after it's seated in the connector.
Fluke Networks
Circle 302

Conduit cutter

With a lever that holds cable in place, the Rotary BX/MC cutter reduces prep time for cutting BX, MC, and flex electrical cables. Once the cutting begins, the device protects internal conductors from damage, and an ergonomic curved handle prevents users from scraping their knuckles when rotating the blade. Six spare blades can also be stored inside the handle.
Ideal Industries
Circle 303

Ratcheting pliers

The Raptor offers traditional features for ratcheting pliers along with the capabilities of a wrench. A patented push-button mechanism allows the user to maintain jaw size in repetitive work, and 15 adjustment positions and parallel jaws offer a precise fit on rounded edges and rusted nuts. The combination tool has a jaw capacity of ⅜ in. to 1¼ in.
Circle 304