Blown fiber technology
Blolite blown fiber technology provides flexibility in network design and delivers the fiber solution for backbone and FTTD applications. The technology offers opportunity to install fiber through difficult runs and further distances, where installation of traditional optical fiber would be challenging.
General Cable

DSV installation kits
These data, signal, and voice (DSV) installation kits provide tools and testers for electrical contractors. The line includes kits for cable TV systems, Cat. 5 data, coax Ethernet, telecommunications, fiber-optic, and local area networks.
Greenlee Textron

Furcation tubing
This high-performance PTFE furcation tubing is characterized by its thermal stability and NFPA 262 approval. Complete customizations are available, such as heat shrinkable tubing, custom shapes, surface etching, profiles, and extrusions over wires. Resin processing capabilities include PTFE, FEP, PVDF, and more.
Zeus Industrial Products

Nonmetallic surface raceway
The MediaTrak 6, a one-piece nonmetallic surface raceway with a double latching cover, holds up to four Cat. 5e cables, while remaining within cable-fill requirements. It features fittings that have a 1-1/4 in. minimum bend radius and corner fittings that snap on over the raceway channel. Outlet boxes in single- and double-gang versions are available, with or without adhesive.
Hubbell Premise Wiring

Server cabinets
Two extra deep server cabinets are available in 36 in. and 43 in. depths, and include perforated side panels, rear door, and a ventilated Econoglas front door for maximum airflow. Cable access ports in the top and bottom provide overhead cabling or raised data room floors. The cabinets accept most manufacturers' servers.
Bud Industries

Craft testset
Model 610 craft testset features a battery-powered amplified speaker, allowing hands-free monitoring of line activity in Talk and Monitor modes; three pre-programmed, one-touch numbers; ten memory locations with 23 digits per location; integral filters for safe DSL line connection; an electronic ringer; and data circuit protection in Monitor mode with more than 120,000 ohms impedance. It's UL-listed and housed inside a moisture-resistant case.
Ideal Industries

LC loopback test assemblies
These loopback test assemblies, based on the LC interface, are used to test the transmission capability and receiver sensitivity of network equipment, providing a straightforward "go/no-go" test result. They feature a compact housing, which doesn't have the external loop of fiber optic cable and doesn't allow the cable to be snagged, twisted, or broken.
Methode Electronics

Telephone test sets
Designed to meet the needs of inside and outside plant operations, these three test sets offer LNR, polarity testing, heavy-duty alligator clips, and a metal belt clip. The JTS-19 is a basic inside plant test set. The JTS-30 is a weatherized and drop-tested set. The JTS-22 is a full featured test set that includes weather resistance, mute, amplified speaker, and audible ringer.
Jensen Tools

Rate converter
The FlexPoint 10/100 rate converter allows connection between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Ethernet networks, via fiber-based cabling infrastructures. It reduces 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps migration cost, enables fiber-to-the-desktop applications, and increases network distances up to 58 km, via fiber. Benefits include connection between any half- and full-duplex, copper-based devices (when used in pairs); it utilizes flow control and MAC address learning; and it transparently migrates networks without replacing the existing equipment.
Omnitron Systems Technology

Fast curing adhesive
This fast curing, anaerobic adhesive, for use with standard fiber optic connectors, works with any ceramic ferrule connector for fast termination, low loss, and high reliability. It only requires a one-part adhesive and doesn't use flammable primer. It is available alone or in kits of 100 SC or ST connectors.

A Slotted door cabinets
These FSA Maxiflow slotted door cabinets are designed to house 19-in. rack-mounted servers, tower configured systems, and peripherals. A plexiglass front door and fully perforated rear door assure maximum airflow. Fans and blowers can be added for ventilation. They're supplied with two pairs of adjustable panel mounting angles in a standard EIA configuration with 10 to 32 tapped holes or provisions for 6 mm cage nuts.
Premier Metal Products

Cable ties
The TAK-TY hook and loop cable ties for network and telecommunications cable management are available in three styles. One version incorporates a cinch ring for extra holding strength. Another includes a slot that allows for pre-wrapping of bundles or fastening to racks. No tools are required for their use. They are designed to prevent the over-tensioning or pinching of sensitive fiber optic and high-performance UTP cabling.

High-performance cable The Command Linx 6 features round cable/cross web design, electrical performance testing conducted on every master reel, increased ACR headroom (28dB/100m minimum at 100 MHz), higher margins (13dB over Cat. 5e NEXT and 11dB over Cat. 5e ELFEXT), and it's sweep tested and characterized to 500 MHz. It exceeds Cat. 6 proposed standards.
General Cable