Estimating and billing software

The Power! Estimator and Time & Material Billing software provides electrical material pricing, electrical estimating, invoicing, contracts, work orders, and tracks accounts receivable. Available for all versions of Windows, it links with i2 TRA-SER Pro, Scalex PlanWheel PC, QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting, and Microsoft Excel and Word.
Jaffe Software Systems
Circle 303

Business management software

Suited for companies of any size, Wintac Pro 2002 integrates job scheduling, customer management, and full accounting. This version includes instant messaging to field techs, job cost analysis, certified payroll, automatic billing, and the ability to attach pictures to your data.
Intac International
Circle 301

Mobile management software

With Forefront Mobile Computing, supervisors can record payroll information from job sites on hand-held devices. This information can then be synchronized with Forefront construction management software at the home office. Employee hours, equipment usage, and production quantities are recorded directly for every job.
Dexter Chaney
Circle 300

Electrical testing database software

ePowerForms uses a database management system that integrates 150 standardized forms used in the inspection, maintenance, and testing of electrical equipment. Users can enter, store, sort, manage, and e-mail data. The forms conform to NETA/ANSI specifications.
Service Automation Technologies
Circle 305

Project management software

Primavera Enterprise 3.0 helps construction companies and facility owners keep project schedules and costs in line. It provides a cross-project view of all of the work underway in the company, including program-wide budgets, spending plans, funding sources, and project return on investment.
Primavera Systems
Circle 302

Web-broadcasting security camera

The VideoJet 1000 broadcasts MPEG-2-quality pictures in real-time. It can be linked to a monitor, or its signal can be displayed on a PC using a software decoder or Web browser. Multiple clients can call up pictures at the same time.
Circle 304