IR/visual camera

The M7800 is a high-resolution 320×240 UFPA detector with 60 Hz refresh rate. The fully radiometric camera weighs less than 3 lbs., has a measuring range of -20°C to 500°C, and has on-board storage of 1,300 images. It includes a laser target designator and visual camera for simultaneous visual/IR imaging, as well as a 3.5-in. articulating LCD screen that allows viewing from multiple angles. The temperature distribution can be viewed as a gray-scale or color image in various isothermal color palettes. Correction for emissive, environmental temperature, and background compensation are user-settable.
Mikron Infrared
Circle 300

Compact IR camera

The compact ThermaCAM EX320 with a built-in 320×240 pixel array provides four times the resolution of typical cameras of its size and price, according to the company. Available for rental, this IR camera includes a high-resolution, maintenance-free, uncooled FPA infrared detector, thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C, and ambient temperature compensation (ATC) technology to assure accuracy in challenging weather conditions. It meets IP54 standards and is dust- and splash-proof.
FLIR Systems
Circle 301

Large display IR camera

The IR FlexCam Pro320 features a 25 micron, 320×240 uncooled vanadium oxide microbolometer sensor, thermal sensitivity of NETD less than 70mK, and a 5-in. color display. It includes a 180° pivoting lens, on-camera Windows CE interface, and the company's Smart-View software with analysis, management, and reporting tools. Its temperature range goes up to 600°C with up to 8x digital zoom and a 60 Hz frame rate.
Infrared Solutions
Circle 302

Economy IR camera

The Heat Find-IR is a high-resolution 320×240 FPA camera with sensitivity less than 0.1°C. The camera offers black and white, color, or isotherm display, and features a built-in color visual camera, omni-directional microphone, 2.5-in. color multi-position LCD, and interchangeable lenses and removable handle. It holds up to 20 images and weighs approximately 4.3 lbs.
Monroe Infrared Technology
Circle 304

Ergonomic IR camera

The HotShot XL thermography camera features an articulating camera head, which allows the operator to maintain hand position and optimal display viewing angle while viewing objects from floor level to overhead. The camera's thermal sensitivity is less than 0.1°C, with a measurement range of -20°C to 350°C. The unit, which is IP-54 rated, can store more than 1,000 images. It has a 3.5-in. touchscreen LCD display, optional telephoto and wide-angle lens, and a rugged ergonomic design with rubber grip areas.
Circle 303