Alarm notifiers

Available in horn, strobe, horn/strobe, or electronic chime models, the Genesis EG1 series of alarm notifiers features a mask-and-cavity design that channels and conditions light to produce a controllable distribution pattern so the entire coverage area receives consistent illumination from the strobe flash. They have a universal iconographic symbol that indicates the purpose of the device, and they're UL-Listed for use in sleeping and nonsleeping areas. The devices are available in neutral white or fire-alarm red.
Edwards Signaling & Security Systems
Circle 300

Smoke blockers

The Fire-Seal Poke-Thru prevents fire and smoke from traveling through floor openings caused by power and telephone wiring. The devices mount into 1.375-in. hammer-drilled holes in metal deck or reinforced concrete slabs and feature a high-temperature Pyrolastic seal that expands against the opening to block smoke and fire. The blockers are equipped with a stainless steel clamp that grips flexible metal conduit or armored cable and a split in the seal grommet that accommodates communications cable.
O-Z Gedney
Circle 301

Illuminated buttons

The Stopper Station round illuminating momentary button can mount to a single gang electrical box, cabinet, or anywhere indoors for use as a handicap door entrance, general door release, exit door, access control, emergency call, or power-off button. It has one form C contact rated 10A at 125/250VAC with a standard 24VDC LED bulb. The button is available in blue, red, or green and labeled “push.” Its housing is made of white polycarbonate.
Safety Technology International
Circle 303

Smoke alarm

Designed for use in kitchen and furnace rooms, the Firex 4580 photoelectric smoke alarm responds to slow, smoldering fires. The 120V hardwired unit can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a system. The alarm features a front-loaded battery door, a dust cover, battery backup, and a dual power/alarm LED.
Invensys Climate Controls Americas
Circle 304

Fire alarm network

The SmartLink Peer-to-Peer fire alarm network allows as many as 250 of this manufacturer's 600 series fire alarm panels to be linked as a network. It features panel-to-panel cross programming, redundant routers, line protectors, automatic self-configuration, and interoperability with other building systems. The network can be installed with wire or fiber optic cable.
Circle 302