Power distribution blocks

These DIN rail-mountable power distribution blocks manage large wire sizes while maintaining finger-safe connections. The blocks allow for multi-pole assembly and can accommodate single-, 2-, and 3-phase power feeds. They're available in five sizes to accommodate various current ratings and multiple wire sizes, and they're designed to mount on 35-mm DIN rail or directly on the electrical cabinet. Load terminals are available from one, two, four, or eight with a single block. No plastic covers are required.
Circle 300

Power distribution module

The rear terminal mini-fuse and relay (RTMR) product family now features un-bussed and partially bussed versions. The RTMR is a compact, IP67-rated power distribution module that holds as many as 20 devices, including fuses, circuit breakers, relays, and diodes. Uniform component spacing accepts standard 2.8-mm-wide terminal blades for all component connections.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 304

Vertical power strips

IPC36xx and IPV42 series intelligent power controllers are available in both rack mount and 42-in. vertical strip models and provide individual on/off control of eight outlets. Power is controlled remotely via Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Serial (RS-232) connections, and the network interface can be accessed with a Web browser, telnet client, or with SNMP management software. A monitoring feature issues e-mail notification of events or SNMP traps. The software is configurable and includes settings for outlet names, unit names, network settings, sequence times, and reboot times.
Pulizzi Engineering
Circle 303

Generator transfer switch

The pre-wired Pro/Tran Q series manual transfer switch for portable generators to 12.5kW features 1-in. interchangeable circuit breakers — to DP30A — in series with the Reliance 7801 transfer-rated toggle switch. The Q series is available in three different six- and 10-circuit configurations for indoor installation. All models are UL-Listed for most brands of interchangeable circuit breakers and can be re-configured in the field for multiple double-pole circuits if needed.
Reliance Controls
Circle 302

Disconnect switch

MD2DS series factory-sealed disconnect switches function as electrical load disconnects in industrial areas classified as hazardous by the NEC. Available in fused and non-fused 600VAC models in 30A, 60A, and 100A designs, the explosion-proof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant switches are also rated for NEMA Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X, and 12 areas. They feature stainless steel bolts and hardware, a copper-free aluminum enclosure safeguarded by an epoxy powder finish, and an insulated, lockable dual-color operating handle that indicates when the switch is energized.
Circle 301