Digital locator

The Verifier G2 digital utility locator uses a microprocessor-controlled transmitter and receiver to trace both standard and nonmetallic services if used with a probe transmitter. The weatherproof locator can read to depths of 30 ft. and features a passive search mode, four active frequencies, two passive frequencies, peak mode, null mode, smart transmitter technology, current measurement index, loop strength indicator, load monitoring, and increased battery life.
McLaughlin Boring Systems
Circle 300

Trenching tool

When attached to the hitch of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, the Hitch-n-Ditch allows users to dig a trench for installing underground piping. Users dig a small hole to the desired depth of the installation, and the tool digs a trench that will fit pipe measuring up to 2 in. in diameter.
Circle 301


The 323 compact excavator offers 12 ft, 10 in. of ground level reach. It's equipped with a variable-displacement, dual-outlet piston pump/gear pump package; two-speed drive motors; and an EPA Tier II-compliant Kubota D722 diesel engine.
Circle 302

Portable power distribution centers

The PB101-000, PB101-SGF, PB103-000, and PB103-SGF are the latest additions to The Box line of portable power distribution centers. The PB101-100 model includes one 50A, 125/250V supply inlet; a 50A, 125/250V feed-through outlet; six GFCI-protected NEMA L5-20R 20A, 125V locking receptacles; and one non-GFCI-protected NEMA L6-30R 30A, 250V locking receptacle. The PB101-SGF includes the same plus GFCI protection on the 30A receptacle. The PB103-000 and PB103-SGF models are configured similarly, but come with 20A, 125V straight-blade receptacles instead of locking receptacles.
Circle 303

Rotating laser

The PR 25 rotating laser features a leveling system, all-in-one remote control/receiver, and a visible beam for indoor and outdoor use. The laser can be used vertically, horizontally, with an incline, or for laying out 90° angles. An auto-alignment system lines the beam up with a specific point, and the beam finds the receiver within 5°. It's weather- and dust-resistant and enclosed in a reinforced housing.
Circle 304