Portable insulation leakage meter

The portable Model VMT15 high-voltage Megmeter is a battery-powered HVDC source and meter. It can withstand testing of insulation up to 42kVDC, as well as measure leakage current as low as 0.001 mA and resistance as high as 30-million megohms.
Ross Engineering
Circle 300

Diagnostic tool

The Allen-Bradley MediaChecker is a hand-held diagnostic tool that analyzes the physical media of industrial communications networks. It works with all the open networks in this company's NetLinx architecture — including DeviceNet, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP — as well as Data Highway Plus and Remote I/O networks.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 304

Fiber optic power meters

Models FO600 and FO610 fiber optic power meters measure over a wide 75-dB dynamic range with ±0.15-dB accuracy and 0.01-dB resolution. The FO600 measures from +5dBm to -70dBm. The F610 measures from +25dBm to -50dBm, making it suitable for direct measurements of laser output power.
Circle 305

Three-phase power meter

The ION 6200 3-phase power and energy meter offers a clear readout on a big LED display. It is 4 in. wide and 2 in. deep, and offers Modbus support. You can add new features in seconds by attaching the company's plug-in feature packs.
Power Measurement
Circle 301

480V energy meter

The Powerlogic 480V energy meter suits commercial and industrial submetering projects, including residential and commercial multitenant facilities, strip malls, and stadiums. It provides cost-effective solutions for monitoring 240V to 480V applications.
Square D
Circle 303

Portable AC power source

Compact and lightweight, the 801P portable AC power source offers continuously variable voltage and frequency, current measurement and limit, and programmability. It delivers 810VA of AC power at any combination of utility voltage and frequency. The 500-Hz upper frequency range supports 400-Hz avionics applications.
California Instruments
Circle 302

Thermal imaging system

The ThermaCAM PM 695 automated infrared (IR) inspection system is a hand-held IR camera that features both thermal and visual imaging capabilities. Ruggedly designed, it quickly records and stores temperature analysis data and voice and text comments with thermal and visual images.
FLIR Systems
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