Ground-fault sensor

This ground-fault sensing module functions interdependently with a magnetic branch-circuit breaker. The module monitors the electrical circuit with an external differential current transformer. With the company's GFCI solution, no direct load is present at the module. In the event of a ground fault, the load is interrupted via the hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker using a shunt trip coil. Available with an automatic or manual “safe-start” reset feature, the units are rated from 1A to 15A. When mounted with the supplied gasket, the enclosure achieves a UL NEMA 4X rating.
Circle 301

Circuit breakers

Series G high-performance molded-case circuit breakers can safely interrupt up to 200,000 asymmetrical interrupting capacities at 480VAC. According to the company, the circuit breakers were designed, tested, and UL-approved as current limiting. Using reverse loop technology, the contact arms are forced apart with magnetic repulsion during fault conditions. The reverse loop also increases the speed at which the contacts open and interrupt current flow when fault current is present. In addition, the devices are reusable after clearing an electrical fault.
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Datacom surge protectors

The STC series of data/signal line surge protection devices prevents transient voltages from interrupting data streams or damaging vulnerable electronic equipment. Using multi-stage hybrid circuitry based on gas tubes, silicon avalanche components, and resettable PTC fuses, the devices address overvoltage transients to provide high-speed, high-energy protection to network signal lines entering or leaving control panels.
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Surge protector

The Strikesorb surge protection device (SPD) features a monolithic metal-oxide varistor (MOV) design that eliminates thermal disconnect mechanisms. The SPD can be directly connected to main power lines or via the bus bars after the main circuit breaker. UL-recognized, the product is offered in two versions: the 40mm module, rated at 140kA, and the 80mm module, rated at 200kA, according to NEMA LS-1. In addition, the product is offered at ratings to fit various applications, including operating voltages of 120V up to 600V.
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