Equipment cabinet rack

The DC-8010 cabinet rack's panel mounting rail design makes it possible to determine which panel width is required at the time of installation. Four panel mounting rails come with the unit. The cabinet, which is 84 in.×27 in.×30.75 in., has key-lockable front and rear doors and one POS-184-S surge suppressed power outlet strip. Louvered front and rear doors and a ventilated top allow for natural convection cooling.
Bud Industries
Circle 302

Fire box

The e.z. barrier fire box eliminates the need for a manually built fire barrier around recessed lights to maintain the fire rating of floor-ceiling assemblies. The box meets the specifications of 7-1 of the Uniform Building Code, Section 710 for Floor or Roof Ceilings. It's designed to fit both 16-in. and 24-in. on-center applications with four knockouts for wiring flexibility.
Cubicles Plus
Circle 303

Termination boxes

ZOBox cabling termination boxes are available in two styles — one for locations under 2-ft×2-ft raised access floors and one for locations in standard 2-ft×2-ft drop ceiling grids. The termination boxes are designed for standard rack units so that standard 19-in. panels, wire managers and other equipment can mount inside. Each unit includes fire-retardant foam for sealing the cable entries and exits.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 300

Gang boxes

This 76-cu.-in. four-gang switch and receptacle box is designed for wiring dimmers and other devices that require additional box capacity. In addition to the standard nail-on version, it's available with an optional, adjustable stabilizing bar and face bracket. Its rigid fiberglass reinforced construction will resist warping and distortion. It features the company's nonmetallic speed K klamps for secure Romex attachment.
Allied Moulded
Circle 301

Bushings and dome plugs

Designed to close and protect for large-size or heavy-duty electrical enclosures and panels, these 5-in. and 6-in. bushings and dome plugs employ a five-step locking mechanism that accommodates chassis thicknesses to .25 in. Constructed from Type 6/6 nylon, the fittings have a flammability classification of 94V-2 and can withstand temperatures as high as 125°C.
Circle 304

Telephone cabinets

Designed to house electrical controls and instruments, these telephone cabinets can be applied as wiring boxes, junction boxes, pull boxes, or telephone and communications cable termination. A continuous hinge holds the cabinet door open as wide as 180° for improved maintenance access. Made of galvanized steel, the cabinets are rated UL, NEMA, and CUL Type 1.
Circle 305