Software for Specailty Trades
Service Management software works with this company's suite of accounting software. It features several tools for the specialty contractor including a dispatch board for complete control of the work-order process, automated billing, and 80 standard reports.
Timberline Software Circle 304

Security management system
The iSecure Pro is an intelligent, integrated, Windows 2000-based security management system, developed with the latest information management technology. Featuring the power and connectivity of the Microsoft SQL Server client/server database, it's an ideal security system for protecting single buildings, networked campuses, and multisite enterprise applications.
Circle 311

Electrical estimating system
The Bidmaster NET series electrical estimating system is an advanced, Web-enabled, computerized estimating system for electrical contractors. It features a materials database that includes more than 30,000 electrical items, plus prebuilt, customizable assemblies.
Circle 302

Infrastructure tracking system
iTRACS is a non-proprietary, real-time infrastructure tracking, reporting, and asset-control system. It is an Internet-enabled, standards-based hardware and software solution. It automatically discovers and monitors port connectivity in data centers and wiring closets to ensure 100% accurate, up-to-date network documentation.
Circle 306

Project control and accounting software
Protiftool is a fully integrated project control and accounting software product geared for construction or construction-related companies. It allows companies to better track their costs and manage projects. Its software consists of a comprehensive set of modules that give an overview of your entire company's operation.
Circle 303

Spreadsheet software
Resource Manager 2001 is an add-on to Microsoft Excel. Its APS Module features detailed work-center calendars that can be adjusted at any time. Its Data Integration Wizard assists clients in reading bills-of-materials, routings, and more from a variety of ERP systems.
User Solutions
Circle 313

Field-service automation system
Enterprise software uses wireless communications, handheld computers, advanced software, and the Internet to automate the costly, time-consuming, paper-intensive processes associated with field-service operations. These processes include communications between the field technician and the office, receipt of work assignments, completion of work orders, and making information ready for invoice and payroll.
Circle 301

MSDS management system is a new Web site designed to revolutionize the management of all material safety data sheets (MSDSs). To keep up with MSDS changes, this site has a library of hundreds of thousands of MSDSs for common chemical products. This makes it possible for users to locate and store all required MSDSs at the Web site.
Circle 310

Palm-based project-management software
With Prolog Pocket software, professionals in the architectural, engineering, and construction industry can use a handheld Palm computer to manage and track information from the field, including: each company's labor hours, work performed, and equipment; weather conditions; notable events and visitors; safety notices; notices to comply; and punch lists.
Meridian Project Systems
Circle 307

Business management software for specialty contractors
Wintac Pro 2001 software integrates customer and job-site tracking, dispatching, scheduling, routing, work-history and equipment tracking, job pricing, estimating, invoicing, work orders, proposals, purchase orders, flat-rate pricing, multitruck inventory, A/R, A/P, checking, payroll, financial reporting, and marketing.
Intac International
Circle 308

Invoice approval process for construction software
The new accounts payable invoice-approval process for this company's Forefront Construction Management Software allows a construction company to route invoices electronically. Invoices can be routed to a user-defined sequence of reviewers. Each reviewer can add remarks and make changes to the coding entirely on screen.
Dexter Chaney
Circle 318

Home security system software
The GrafikTouch LT is a Windows-based touch-screen program designed for the HAI OmniLT controller. Its ZoneTracker feature pops cameras on the screen when security zones are violated, and plays a prerecorded message to alert the homeowner of the event. The program can be expanded to control multiple touchscreens.
Circle 300

Lift truck safety/maintenance software
Shockmate is a companion interface to this company's Shockswitch ID operator control and monitoring system. Shockmate helps lift truck users conform to the latest OSHA requirements. It tracks required daily safety inspections, records maintenance events, and helps track the maintenance costs of each vehicle.
Circle 312

Online industrial lighting design guide
This company's online design guide for industrial lighting includes a full range of industrial products, along with information about their use, best practices, design tips, and related technical information.
Lithonia Lighting
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