Focus on Power Quality Surge suppression system
The Combotrab system can handle the current associated with a direct or nearby lightning strike and provides clamping voltages under 900V — independent of surge current. The unit uses the company's Flashtrab Plus lightning arrester, which is tested to the 10×350mS waveform test standardized by IEC 61024. The suppressor also uses a TVSS component to address lightning events and switching type transients.
Phoenix Contact
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Transient voltage surge suppressor

The Surge3 surge suppressor uses metal oxide varistor (MOV) and diode technologies to provide overvoltage protection of industrial electronics. The two surge suppression methods are interchangeable with a plug-in suppressor and common base mount. The system is color-coded for proper installation.
Cooper Bussmann
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Line reactors

The SLR series of DIN-rail-mounted line reactors protects sensitive equipment from supply-line irregularities, including harmonic distortion, nuisance tripping, and line notching. The reactors provide protection for high-frequency drives or other 3-phase electronic systems plagued by capacitor or large load switching events. An inductive filter removes harmonics, which eliminates drive crosstalk and interference and keeps line voltages smooth through notching. Units are available in 2-hp to 20-hp ratings.
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The R12000 XR UPS features modular architecture consisting of four 3kVA modules. Each module has its own battery and electronics unit. Installers can find all information for paralleling using the modules' output power wave form. The unit's batteries are pure lead-tin for a shelf life of 5 years to 7 years.
Circle 312

Panel surge protectors

The ZoneMaster series of hardwired surge protectors for panel applications can be configured with an internal or fused disconnect, noise filter, surge counter, and remote monitoring capabilities. The line also includes panel extension units, which can double as stand-alone units in a metal enclosure.
The Wiremold Co.
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VAR compensator

The PureWave AVC (adaptive VAR compensator) uses power-electronic switching to provide variable amounts of reactive compensation on a cycle-by-cycle basis. It continuously monitors load conditions and matches its output to the load's requirement, providing real-time VAR compensation.
S&C Electric
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Connectors and adapters

This company's new stainless steel down conductor standoffs and stainless steel down conductor angle adapters attach down conductors to round tower members and angle tower members, respectively. Both are designed for use in the telecommunications market. The small side of the cable clamp accommodates bare stranded conductors from 6 AWG to 2/0 AWG, and the large side accommodates 2/0 AWG to 4/0 AWG.
Harger Lightning & Grounding
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Double-conversion UPS

The SitePro 3-phase UPS is available in models from 10kVA to 300kVA. For high-power redundant applications, it can be installed with as many as eight units in parallel, achieving power protection as high as 2.4MVA. The unit is compliant with international standards on voltage frequency independent (VFI) operation, and its modules operate in a double-conversion mode, providing true online operation.
GE Digital Energy
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Surge protection device

The Smart Module surge protection device is designed for low-voltage applications and requires no hard wiring for installation. Once the unit experiences a surge, an indicator light will engage to inform technicians that the module needs to be replaced. No tools or test equipment are required for module replacement.
Circle 313

Rack-mountable UPS

The Smart-UPS line has been updated to include the 5kVA XL, a rack-mountable unit that offers 4,000W of power and scalable extended runtime. The unit is designed to protect power for business-critical equipment like servers and networking and telecom systems. The UPS allows for the addition of as many at 10 external battery packs for runtime of almost 3 hr at the full load capacity of 4,000W.
American Power Conversion
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Hybrid suppression device

The Surgelogic LC combines surge suppression and broadband noise filtration for protecting critical power in industrial, commercial, and OEM applications. The unit provides protection as high as 40kA, and its sine wave tracking and filter capabilities provide as much as 75dB of noise filtration. It uses a thermal fuse to protect against extreme surge currents and prevent thermal runway conditions.
Square D/Schneider Electric
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Monitoring software

The combined hardware/software Signature series power quality monitoring package has been updated to include DualNode, which executes single-point, mission-critical power quality and energy monitoring to verify compliance with the EN 50160 standard. New software verifies the performance of UPS systems and calculates energy usage and expenses.
Dranetz-BMI and Electrotek Concepts
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