Automatic power transfer system

Designed for generators in residential and light commercial backup power applications with power needs as high as 30kW, the PowerStay automatic power transfer system comes in four configurations and supports eight to 16 circuits. The system is compatible with natural gas, propane, diesel-powered stationary generators, and gas-powered engines with automatic choke and electric-start capability. It has a start-up and shutdown sequencing and transfer method that limits rapid intermittent engine starting and stopping, and an integrated float charger that charges the generator battery between uses.
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Static transfer switch with PDU

The STS2 PDU (power distribution unit) incorporates two of this manufacturer's precision power centers in an STS2 cabinet to deliver switching, power isolation, distribution, monitoring, and computer-grade grounding in a single package. The PDU has front and side access, a centralized monitoring and alarm display for the static transfer switch, and a main input breaker that provides overcurrent protection and power disconnect. It also features triple-redundant logic, redundant power supplies, and a color touch screen.
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Control switch relay

Combining the functions of a control switch and a remote-controlled solenoid, the series 24 control switch relay (CSR) provides manual and supervisory control of power circuit breakers. The CSR has three basic circuits, multiple-voltage capability, and a choice of contact configurations. The unit's blade-and-terminal construction and stacking procedures allow as many as 20 independent contacts in the same deck. A built-in bipolar diode enables the unit to withstand transients on the control bus as high as 3.5kV.
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Power controllers

Rated to operate in 40°C, the RVM family of semiconductor controlled rectifier (SCR) power controllers is available in 3-phase and single-phase versions rated 40A at 660VAC. The controllers offer zero cross firing for fixed resistance loads, which can eliminate the switch-on surge through synchronized operation with the supply without degrading the electrical environment. They use a heat sink and thermal transfer technology, and they can be installed on a DIN-rail with 0.18-in. between relays.
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Power generation switchgear

The series 2400 power generation switchgear and the PGC 4000 power generation system controller can combine to create an integrated switchgear system. The 2400 switchgear is available in standard configurations from 480V to 15,000V with bus ratings as high as 10,000A and 100kAIC. It includes a 15-in. touch screen operator interface, NEMA 2 construction, tin-plated copper bus, and draw-out breakers for medium-voltage designs. The PGC 4000 is Web-ready.
Thomson Technology
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