Brushless servo motors

This series of stainless steel, brushless servo motors can handle IP67 and 1,500 psi washdown conditions and can be used in harsh or corrosive environments. Available in five sizes, the motors come in standard and low-inertia models and provide continuous torques as high as 280 lb-in. with peak torques ranging from three times to four times continuous. They have UL, CSA, CE, and BISSC agency approvals.
Baldor Electric
Circle 300

Gearless servo motor

The e-Torq direct drive brushless DC servo motor is designed for high-torque, compact, enclosed construction applications. The motor features an ironless stator that eliminates iron saturation and allows the motor to run smoothly at extremely low speeds. Its torque is consistent from very low to very high speeds without any clogging or velocity fluctuations, and its high capability allows for the elimination of gearboxes and the removal of lubricant leaks. It delivers more than 100 lb-in. at speeds as high as 6,000 rpm and is available in widths of less than 2 in., with diameters ranging from 7 in. to 14 in. and larger.
Bodine Electric
Circle 301

Mobile power unit

The 14.9MW Titan 130 mobile power unit is a trailer-mounted system that's highway transportable and can be online in six minutes from cold start. A dual-fuel combustion system makes it possible to operate on natural gas or diesel fuel. It features a range of control system options for remote operation and SCADA integration, as well as kVAR control for reactive power capability.
Solar Turbines
Circle 302

Gas gen-set

Designed to provide full-rated standby power for backup and emergency applications, the 150kW model GGLB spark-ignited natural gas generator accepts 100% of the nameplate standby-rated load in one step. The gen-set has a 4-cycle natural gas engine that's torque-matched to a high-capacity AC alternator for handling motor starting loads.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 303

Inverter-duty motors

Blue Chip XRI inverter-duty motors are available from 15 hp to 100 hp and meet NEMA premium efficiencies. The motors have 10:1 variable torque and 20:1 constant torque on VFD with a 1.0 service factor. They run continuous duty at 40°C ambient and are housed in a cast iron frame with rigid base mounting.
Marathon Electric
Circle 304