Low-amp busway

The PowerBus 225 low-amp plug-in busway features a lightweight aluminum housing, snap-and-bolt hanger design, plug-in joint connections, copper conductors, and an optional 200% neutral. The busway is suitable for dusty and watersplash environments, due to its IP43/IP54 water protection rating. It's available in 225A (240V) and 100A (600V) power ratings for a variety of industrial and commercial power distribution applications.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 300

Wire cable tray

The G-Tray is shaped like the letter “G” for installation in tight spaces. The tray mounts directly to walls, ceilings, and web joists. It's available in standard 10-in. straight sections in 2 in. × 4 in., 2 in. × 8 in., and 4 in. × 6 in. tray sizes and does not require additional accessories. When mounted to a ceiling, the underside of the tray can be used as an uninterrupted surface for lighting fixtures or other installations.
Circle 302

Mini duct

The Fiber-Guard/MD mini duct is designed for installation into new or existing conduits. It subdivides a larger conduit into a specific number of mini ducts, which allows for installation of additional micro cables. It's designed to fit ¾-in. to 2-in. conduit. The internal rib design is permanently lubricated to reduce friction between the micro cable and the duct. The mini ducts are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Mini duct installation accessories, such as cutters, couplers, plugs, and pulling harnesses, are sold separately.
Circle 301

Metal raceway

This metal raceway features the company's Handi-Screw for box installation and its By-Pass divider, which allows up to 20% more data cable to fit in a multi-channel raceway. Boxes are offered in steel, aluminum, single- or multi-channel, and feature rounded corners and single-seam construction. With its UL-classified transition fittings, the raceway's components also connect with competitive systems.
Hubbell Wiring
Circle 303

Steel raceway

The Designer Series 4000 steel perimeter raceway accepts all standard devices and device plates. It has adjust-to-fit raceway couplings that allow up to 4 in. of lateral movement so the base can be stretched or compressed to fit a given space. The raceway's obstacle avoidance fittings allow it to bypass existing conduit or small raceway. It's available prewired to job specifications with all circuits and devices as shown on the drawings.
Circle 304