Battery-powered strobe
The portable six-pack consists of six battery-operated, Model M-2 strobe lights in a sturdy caddy. The strobes are waterproof and emit a double flash signal with a single 360° lens and powerful xenon lamp. It has a flash rate of 60 double flashes per minute and an average flash time of 40 hr to 50 hr using two D-cell alkaline batteries. It features an external push-button on/off switch, magnetic base, and hanging rope cord.
Circle 307Lockable enclosure
By fitting over and securing the plug of cord-connected devices, the Lockbox allows maintenance electricians to work safely on electrical equipment without fear of unexpected or unauthorized start-up. The enclosure can be secured with cable ties or as many as two padlocks, providing protection against injury that complies with OSHA standards.
Circle 302Carbon monoxide meter
The CO-220 carbon monoxide meter provides quick and accurate measurements of carbon monoxide levels using the newest generation of electrochemical sensors. The meter responds quickly to ambient changes in carbon monoxide concentration without the use of a pump. A large LCD displays carbon monoxide levels from 0 ppm to 1,000 ppm.
Circle 320Flash suit kit
This flash suit kit contains hood, coat and pants made of flame-retardant Nomex for 360° of protection against arc flashing, with an added level of safety from its multilayered design. The faceshield meets ANSI Z87.1 standards and protects against both UV and IR rays. It also has an interior anti-fog coating for enhanced visibility. All kit components meet NFPA 70E standards and are designed and tested according to ASTM F-1506 standards.
Cementex Products Inc.
Circle 301Safety training software
The Keller-Soft Safety Talks Customizer software program provides more than 250 5-min safety talks that address issues important to employee safety. The talks cover general industry, construction, and environmental topics like hazard communications, lockout/tagout, machine guarding, and personal protective equipment.
J. J. Keller & Associates
Circle 303Fire suppression system
Firetrace electrical fire suppression systems automatically detect fires in mission-critical electrical enclosures and control panels of 250 cu ft or less and instantly release a clean suppression agent like FM-200 or CO2. The systems don't require a power source, and the clean suppression agents minimize damage to expensive components and circuitry.
Venmark International
Circle 304Locking GFCI
Smart Lock is a lockout GFCI that won't reset should it become damaged. A user might incorrectly assume a standard GFCI is providing ground-fault protection when it's not. Available in 15A and 20A versions, it also provides a line-load reversal diagnostic feature that detects line-load miswiring.
Circle 305