High-visibility enclosures

Vu-Line is an enclosure system that can be configured with as many as three Plexiglas doors, with solid side panels, or with a combination of the two. You can rack equipment on upright 19-, 23-, or 24-in.-wide rails with standard EIA spacing. You can also display equipment on shelving within the cabinet.
Premier Metal Products
Circle 196

Data transfer port lock

The Opti-Lock protects optical data transfer ports, preventing unauthorized access to metering data and safeguarding ports from the environment. A company name or logo may be stamped onto the lock. The lock is easy to install and seal with long-term, demand, or cable lock seals.
Ekstrom Industries
Circle 186

Collocation blocks

The HighBand 10 Collocation Blocks are available in kits of 200 or 300 pairs. The blocks provide Cat. 5e compliance and a 45°-angle silver-plated contact. The 10-pair increment of the blocks simplifies matching cables of 50, 100, 300, or greater pairs.
Circle 177

Cabling system

This cabling system can replace or enhance cable trays. You snap the nut anywhere on a ¼-in. or ⅜-in. threaded rod. The system is noncorrosive and nonconductive. It supports cable, pipe, or conduit, and holds up to 35 pieces of Cat. 5 cabling.
L.H. Dottie
Circle 194

Cabling section system

The MCS Master Cabling Section System provides a vertical pathway for organizing, distributing, storing, and concealing communications cable between or adjacent to this company's racks. The sections are available in single- or double-sided styles; in a variety of widths and heights; and with a clear or black finish.
Chatsworth Products
Circle 176

Fiber optic power meter

The DM3000 is a dual channel, high-performance fiber optic power meter that offers user customization and data logging in a portable, hand-held package. Its two detectors can measure the loss of two fibers for link testing or for simultaneously monitoring reference and measurement power.
Circle 168

Rack enclosure

The SR-40-22 floor mount swinging rack enclosure is EIA compliant, provides 40 rack spaces, and can accommodate 350 lb of equipment.
Circle 150