Digital multimeter

The AC75 three-in-one, clamp-style digital multimeter incorporates a 4,000-count digital multimeter, a Type-K digital thermometer, and a 600A AC clamp. The multimeter measures as high as 600A AC and 4,000mA DC with 0.1mA resolution. It also includes capacitance measurement to 4,000µF, 750/1,000V AC/DC, 40 meg-ohms resistance, a jaw opening that accommodates up to a 1.3-in. diameter conductor, and a CAT III 600V UL safety rating.
Wavetek Meterman
Circle 205

Liquidtight fittings and conduits

This line of high/low temperature, insulated, liquid tight conduits and fittings is rated for environments from 260°C to 150°C. HT fittings feature a double-beveled sealing ring with five sealing mechanisms, and adjustable revolver grounding fittings. The metal conduits feature a standard core with a thermoplastic rubber jacket. Both are available in sizes from 0.375 in. to 4 in.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 212

Copper braid jumper

The flexible copper braid jumper is designed to take up linear expansion and contraction, compensate for misalignment, and absorb vibratory movement of electrical equipment and devices. The braids prevent breakage of insulators, bushings, and equipment due to misalignment during the settling of the foundation. They absorb shock and vibration of operating equipment by providing flexible, current-carrying leads between moving parts of heavy machinery and equipment. The braids are made of tinned pure copper wire that's woven and flattened in a rectangular shape. Seamless, pure copper ferrules are formed on each end.
Circle 204

Heat trace control panels

WeatherTrace heat trace control panels feature flexible power distribution, ground fault protection, circuit alarms, line sensing, and ambient sensing controls. The NEMA 4 panels are single-door, wall-mount enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications. Standard models are available in 12-, 18-, 20-, 30-, and 42-position panel boards with 100A and 225A bus ratings in single- and 3-phase configurations. Branch circuits are available in 20A, 25A, 30A, and 40A single-pole and 2-pole configurations with 30mA ground-fault equipment protection. The panels are UL and cUL compliant.
Circle 209

Floor boxes

RFB9 and RFB11 high-capacity A/V floor boxes feature covers with TopGuard protection that meet UL requirements for scrub water exclusion. The covers keep dirt and debris out of power and communications compartments and are approved for tile, wood, terrazzo, and carpet floors. The RFB9 floor box has four separate compartments and nine gangs for A/V power and communications. Its shallow profile allows installation in a 4-in. concrete pour. The RFB11 floor box has four compartments and 11 gangs and can be installed in a 6-in. pour.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 208

Modular switch

This modular managed switch features a head station and two side-by-side modules for expansion from two to 24 ports. The switch's front or bottom cable access options are compatible with twisted-pair, glass fiber, polymer, or HCS cables. Point-and-click diagnostics and LED indicators enable users to perform ongoing device and network checks. Additional features include vibration-proof push-pull locking, Web-based management, and network management protocol.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 203