3-phase UPS

The 90-NET 3-phase online UPS system delivers 675kW, 750kVA per module to loads with power factors ranging from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging without de-rating or modification. According to the company, the unit's footprint is up to 30% smaller than its competitors, and it is compatible with the company's LIFE.net real-time remote diagnostic and repair dispatch service.
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Scalable UPS

The Powerware 9395 UPS now features an extended power rating of 825kVA. According to the company, the UPS offers power performance with greater than 94% efficiency across a wide load range. The unit also features a scalable architecture that adapts to changing power requirements. The company says the product's transfomerless design results in a lower weight and footprint. In addition, the EZ Capacity Test feature allows for full system testing without using external loads or load banks.
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Double-conversion UPS

The 750kVA SG Series UPS offers maximum efficiency greater than 94% and features a 30% smaller footprint, according to the company. Operating in a double-conversion mode with true continuous online VFI operation, the UPS automatically determines the most efficient mode of operation for the redundant parallel architecture (RPS) system. Additional product features include front service access, the ability to parallel up to eight 750kVA modules, and an SNMP plug-in card.
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