Fire-retardant plenum cables

Limited combustible CMP-50 cables are available in Cat. 3, Hyper Plus (Cat. 5), Hyper Plus 5e (Cat. 5e), and LANmark-350 (Enhanced Cat. 5e) cables. They are jacketed and insulated with FEP fluoropolymer and have been tested by Underwriters' Laboratory to meet requirements for lower smoke emissions and less flame spread. The cables meet the same electrical specifications as the CMP- and CMR-rated versions.
Circle 166

Power supply

The Model 734 48V power supply with battery backup is a compact, UL-listed unit that provides an uninterruptible backup power source of nominal 48VDC. It can be wall- and rack-mounted. Internal batteries support the 48VDC output in the event of incoming 120VAC interruption.
Gordon Kapes
Circle 156

Modular adapter

Reverse wired for testing voice circuits without service interruptions, the Smart6 in-line telephone test adapter provides six wire test pads for hooking up test equipment, along with a test circuit with LED for indicating jack addresses, incoming call identification, and polarity.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 151

Preterminated fiber optic system

The MTP Module is a preterminated fiber optic system designed for data centers and high-fiber count telecommunications systems. It allows the transition of 72 fibers within 3½ in. of rack space.
Adirondack (AWC)
Circle 194

Network jack

The NJ 100 network jack is designed to replace a standard Ethernet wall jack. It comprises an unmanaged 4-port Ethernet switch, and has VoIP compatibility, power over Ethernet, and optional port supports of 10/100 subnet for legacy voice.
Circle 158

Remote monitoring device

The Phonecell SX3e device is an accessory for this company's Sensaphone products. It enables monitoring of system-to-personnel communications from areas not easily accessible to telephone service. When an alarm is issued, it automatically dials preprogrammed numbers to alert personnel.
Circle 171

UL-classified circuit breakers

The CL line of 1-in. replacement circuit breakers is available in one- and two-pole configurations. They are mechanically and electrically interchangeable with 1-in. circuit breakers manufactured by General Electric, Thomas & Betts, ITE/Siemens, Murray, and Crouse-Hinds.
Circle 262

Reciprocating saw blades

The Bimetal 3840, Carbide 3846, and Woodcutting 3842 blades are reciprocating saw blades with precision-ground teeth. They cut metal, wood, brick, pipe, plasterboard, glass, and tile. The bimetal blade has a shatterproof design.
Bahco North America
Circle 271

Knockout box

Built with a combination of ½-in. and ¾-in. knockouts, these boxes are made of heavy-duty, galvanized sheet steel. They can be used in branch-circuit wiring to splice wires or accommodate wiring devices such as switches and receptacles.
Circle 276

Push-pull rods

Each set of these push-pull rods includes four nonmetallic, nonconductive 5-ft rods that connect to create a 20-ft span with controlled flexibility. The kit includes accessories that attach to the end of the pole: a pulling eye, a magnetic locator/retractor, and a self-directional hook.
Circle 273

High-visibility wrench

This wrench has a high-visibility finish that can enhance safety and prevent tool loss. The wrench has a lobular box end that applies all torque to the flats on nuts and bolt heads, and a Supercombo open end with a 45° chamfer for easy access to fasteners.
J.H. Williams
Circle 270

Articulated wheel loader/tool carrier

The VersaDyne is a compact articulated wheel loader/tool carrier that features pilot control hydraulics and a 2-speed auto shift drivetrain. It has a 3,000 lb lift capacity, and a hydro/mechanical drive with an 85-hp Cummins turbo diesel and an integrated rear axle/transfer case with 10° oscillation.
Circle 256