Protection relay devices

The POWR-GARD protection relay line includes ground fault relays, resistance grounding systems, motor protection relays, feeder protection relays, and supplemental monitors. According to the company, the ground fault relays use an advanced filtering technology that allows for early detection of developing ground faults without nuisance tripping. The resistance grounding systems include an optional feature that continuously monitors the integrity of the resistor to ensure the system is operating as intended. The motor protection relays offer dynamic thermal curves, integrated protection metering, and data logging function.

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High-temperature battery

A long-life battery has been added to the SSG Series Industrial-Grade UPS Plus product line. Suitable for environments with temperatures that typically exceed 40°C, the batteries are rated to last at least twice the service life of standard 5-yr/40°C-rated batteries, according to the company. In addition, the batteries, which are optional on all of the company's UPS systems, are rated for 10 yr of expected life in a temperature-controlled environment (up to 25°C).

Falcon Electric
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Available in 100W or 250W models, the Synthesis Zone mini inverter is designed to backup fluorescent and incandescent fixtures. Compatible with most dimming ballasts, the inverter features a maintenance-free, sealed lead calcium battery that provides a minimum of 90 min. of emergency illumination, according to the company. In addition, a 120/277 dual-voltage input/output provides 91% of nominal lumen output. Mounting options for the product include surface, recessed, and ceiling grid. Self-diagnostics is optional, and a remote test switch is available as an accessory.

Chloride Systems
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Designed for medium and large data centers, the Liebert NXL UPS features a capacity of up to 750kVA. In addition, the UPS can be enabled with an Albér BDSi monitoring solution in the Liebert NXL battery cabinet. Available in single-module and multi-module systems (N+1 or 1+N), the product is listed to UL 1778 fourth edition requirements and can operate at more than 100% load under certain simultaneous conditions.

Emerson Network Power
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Tower UPS

The HP Tower UPS models T750G2, T1000G3, and T1500G3 offer power ratings of 750VA, 1,000VA, and 1,400VA, respectively. Featuring a line-interactive design with buck and boost regulation, the units also include an intuitive front panel display, enhanced battery management, prioritized shutdown of attached devices during an electric utility power failure, hot-swappable batteries, network transient protection, and serial and USB ports.

Hewlett Packard
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3-phase UPS

The SmartOnline 3-phase UPS features an Economy Mode function. Operating in this mode, the company says the UPS has an efficiency rating of up to 97%. Additional product features include a double-conversion mode that is used only when utility power quality demands it, modular 3-phase models that provide N+1 and parallel capabilities, and a wide range of models with capacities from 20kVA to 160kVA.

Tripp Lite
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Rack-mount inverter

The AEP-A2000R Series of pure sign wave inverters provides 2kVA of power in a 1U rack design. Available in three standard input configurations of 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC, the product features outputs that are regulated to ±3% or better. A built-in 4 msec to 6 msec automatic bypass switch allows for redundant operation from utility power if the DC supply drops out. According to the company, all models in the series feature comprehensive protection circuitry and a front panel digital display to monitor/indicate low input voltage, short circuit, input overvoltage, overtemperature, overload, and low battery. The display also indicates voltage, amperage, power, and temperature. Efficiency ranges from 86% to 92%. Class B EMI compliance allows for minimum interference to other sensitive equipment.

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