Adapter kits

The RFA-4018-WiFi and the RFA-4028-WiFi kits contain 30 universal adapters, which include male and female MMCX, N, reverse-polarity TNC, reverse-polarity SMA, TNC, BNC, and SMA connector interfaces. Two adapters with any of these interfaces can be joined with a universal center to make coaxial adapters. Each adapter features Teflon insulation, a silver-plated machined brass body, and gold-plated contacts. Both kits also contain the RFA-4018-20 universal coaxial cable tester that accepts any Unidapt adapter to test mating cable assemblies. The front LED panel indicates pass, fail, short, open conductor, or open shield conditions.
RF Connectors
Circle 251

Articulating boom

The Z-135/70 offers a large working envelope and provides a maximum working height of 141 ft, a horizontal outreach of 69 ft, 9 in., and an up-and-over clearance of 75 ft, 6 in. The boom has an X-Chassis axle configuration for extending and retracting axles, and each axle pivots from vertical mounting pins. It also has the Jib-eXtend that extends the platform from a stowed length of 12 ft to a fully extended length of 20 ft. Other features include full traction four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer system with four steering modes, an ALC 1,000 control system, drive enable, full onboard diagnostics, an 8-ft self-leveling steel platform, and 360° continuous turntable rotation.
Genie Industries
Circle 255

Electrical outlets and switch boxes

Designed for residential, commercial, or industrial applications that require more volume, these steel electrical outlets and switch boxes are made of 1/16-in. thick heavy-duty galvanized sheet steel. They're available in professional-grade boxes, round and octagon boxes, 4-in. square and 411/16-in. boxes, all with different mounting brackets, knockout sizes, and cable clamp options.
O-Z Gedney
Circle 254

Serial digital coaxial cable

The Crystal series serial digital coaxial cable is sweep-tested to 3 GHz to accurately handle the wider frequency bandwidth of HDTV and other digital signals. The RG6/U style cable has an 18 AWG bare copper center conductor that's shielded from RF and EM interference by its 95% tinned copper braid and 100% aluminum foil tape, and gas-injected foam dielectric delivers the highest signal transfer speed with minimal energy loss. The cable features a crush-resistant dielectric core, four easy-to-identify jacket colors, and a flexible, sunlight-resistant jacket.
Circle 253

Utility/pocket knife

This multi-purpose tool includes a utility knife and a pocket knife. The utility knife has a retractable blade with a 15/16-in. cutting depth for cutting through drywall, carpeting, and matboard. The pocket knife has a 3¼-in. stainless steel, serrated blade in the handle with a safety release button. It has a drop-down blade storage compartment and a blade loading system that doesn't require disassembly to change blades. The knife also features a cutting jaw for slicing string, a pull-line up to ⅛ in. in diameter, and a textured grip.
Ideal Industries
Circle 250

Hole saws

The Great White line of professional hole saws features 46 new products and accessories. The hole saws can cut through steel, stainless steel, plastic, wood with nails, drywall, cement board, plywood, and cast iron. Bi-metal hole saws have variable pitch teeth and multiple knock-out slots and holes. Carbide grit hole saws cut through drywall, ceiling tile, plaster and lathe, cement board, and wood. The line features accessories like arbors, arbor adapters, arbor extenders, and replacement drill bits.
Klein Tools
Circle 252