Waveshape alarm

As the latest component for the Powerlogic series 4000 circuit monitor, this waveshape alarm detects changes in the shape of incoming voltage or current signal waveforms. The permanently mounted circuit monitor is equipped with impulsive transient detection capability. It can meter almost any time-of-use or real-time rate, and values can be scaled and displayed in any unit including dollars.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 150

Power quality analyzer

The WM3-96 power quality analyzer measures system characteristics like TRMS of THD, voltage, current, and demand, and it performs harmonic analysis to the 50th harmonic. The analyzer includes a 32-bit microprocessor in a 96-mm × 96-mm housing and displays measurements on a 128-in. × 64-in. LCD. It uses RTU protocol for monitoring as many as 255 instruments.
Carlo Gavazzi
Circle 151

Energy and power quality meter

The Nexus 1252 energy and power quality meter enables users to perform flicker and power quality analysis. The meter features as many as 16 relays and eight resets controlled through DNP, freeze commands, auto calibration with temperature compensation, voltage surge and sag recording. It can store as many as 512 samples/cycle and it's EN50160 compliant.
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Circle 152

Line-interactive UPS system

The S2K series of ultra-compact, line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems protects equipment like PCs, workstations, and computer peripherals from damage during surges, spikes, and blackouts. The UPS system features voltage regulation topology, data line protection, and a built-in AVR that saves battery power when input voltage drops below 78V. It carries power ratings from 300VA through 1,000VA and is available with 120VAC and 230VAC.
Circle 153